The Finality of Goodbye

I remember a spiritual director of mine talking to me about why people always leave. I was hurting back then because people that were dear to me were slowly moving away from me. he explained to me that in the journey of life, we get different companions along the way…companions that bring with them experiences, growth, stories, memories.

The moment when people move away is the moment when we reach those bends in the road. We all have our own destinations and each must go down their own way.

That moment when goodbye happens is a moment that allows us to reflect on how much we valued our journey with another person. When our roads take on different turns, it’s time for new chapters in each one’s lives to start.

Yet these days…is there really a finality in goodbye? I saw an article as I was browsing through my news feed and the caption described it as an interview with a truly rich lady who does not spend her life online.

I’ve always considered getting off social media which has been a great hindrance to my doing more meaningful things. And so I find myself thinking about the reasons why I am still browsing through that feed.

Often, I browse whenever I am not doing anything. Sometimes, I am curious about some person I know. Or maybe I just wanted to take a peek at what is happening. Some other person’s story. Another person’s discovery. I wanted to be connected to others in some way or another.
And maybe that’s the reason why I’m having difficulty with connecting with myself lately.

In my desire to know another, I lose time for knowing my self. What makes it worse is that the other which I am trying to encounter is nothing but a memory captured in a social media posting.

(I end my night’s musings here. I have no idea where they’ll bring me if I don’t stop and it’s almost time to go home…😁)


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