Genuine Humility

In OneCORE, our 8th principle is:

“Genuine humility creates personal success.”

In the past, I explained it as just one’s realization that one’s success is not meant to be compared to others. And so to be genuinely humble is to focus on one’s personal process and not go bragging to others about it.

The meaning of that principle was not that clear to me back then. I always felt confused about how to explain it and after many attempts to do so, there was this nagging thought that my explanation was not enough. For you can never fully teach what you have not fully learned. Genuine humility sounded good to me but I was yet to fully understand what genuine humility really is.

To be genuinely humble is to be completely open: all forgiving, all loving, all accepting, no judgement, no raging desire to be in control. I woke up one day to the realization that I was not being affected so much and that I was being more understanding. At first, I felt uncomfortable about it, thinking that this was me being anti-social, I have to be more involved in what is happening, maybe I should rant out my frustrations as well…but at the same time, there was this soft, fluffy feeling of being at peace. Even if my friends are going on about their frustrations, I can laugh to myself and not be worried, knowing that they will find their way through them even without my unsolicited advice. Of course I will be there when they need me but I have somehow loosened my need to give my reactions.

To be genuinely humble is to be open to the possibility of not knowing. I have met a lot of people craving for answers to big questions — questions that I once have asked as well and have found answers to. Yet I choose to breathe out that desire to blab about my answer and allow others to find their own answers. As a workshop facilitator, I do need to share my answers as well but I also leave my students with a stream of things to ponder on for, as one of my favorite teachers said, the answer may be different tomorrow. Thinking about it, it really is hard to write things down for by tomorrow, these thoughts can just change altogether!

Yet we still share what we have for to be genuinely humble is to not be selfish of what is given to us as well. For all grace is meant to be shared and it is with humility that we allow ourselves to be vessels by which He can touch lives. Doing God’s work is an act of genuine humility in itself for to let your life be in control of One who is Greater than you…is definitely frustrating. All the waiting, all the “in God’s time”…

But then, only with genuine humility will we find that sense of inner peace…

I am still in the process of learning to be genuinely humble. And I have yet to discover that lasting inner peace. I am on my way and I am grateful…


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