Forgiveness and Compassion

Hanggang saan dapat tayo magpatawad?

I remember a story shared by our workshop facilitator about someone who experienced having his entire family killed in front of him. He was left alive and forced to be the interpreter for them who killed. It was so easy for him to be hateful and to be vengeful but he knew how hate can be so destructive. So he chose to love and be compassionate…to look for the human in the eyes even of those who bring suffering to others.

Hate creates more hate. It was hate that brought the problems in the first place. Now it is hate that is addressing the problems now. And then it is again with hate that we respond to the hatred that we see. No wonder the cycle never ends.

So, are we willing to love? Compassion for the other does not just need to happen with our police being compassionate with those involved in drugs. We cannot be selective with our compassion. Compassion has to start with us and how we address ourselves when we need compassion most. And then it is when people come along to bring out the hatred lurking inside ourselves and we are asked to heal ourselves by replacing that hatred with love. Only when we are successful with this can we see things change…not exactly in the entire world but at least where we are and where we have been.

To love a person and not condemn them by their actions. There is no one to blame in the greater picture, yet there’s so many who need to love and be loved.


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