My life so far has led me on this path of becoming an art therapist. Over the last week, I was in a workshop series learning about anthroposophic art therapy (color therapy), organ archetypes, fairytales, inner development and life. I never knew art therapy had distinctions and was therefore surprised to know it is so. As the group would say, only when you’re ready.

This therapy in particular focused on your inner development. Much like coaching, there’s a process of where are you stuck and how can we get you unstuck. The focus is also on just creating movement; not on reaching the final goal by the end of the sessions but just on getting you moving once again. And so you create a piece of art true to your present self and then you recreate it to the best of your ability to mirror a healthier human person.

And therefore the requirement is to know what a healthy human being looks like in colors before you even try looking at if others are healthy. How do you learn this? You’ll have to start with yourself.

Of course my reaction was “Oh, wow.” It was consoling therefore when I got home and started researching about anthroposophic art therapy courses and found out that age requirement is 28. Well that means I have roughly 3 years to get myself ready. Hmm…that’s so much time to just be lazy…
Yeah I’m really lazy…but then again, there is so much I have to learn first before I start studying art therapy. Faithfulness to my calling is very much needed throughout this process. There is work to be done. I guess for this one, I’ll remember the fairytale about Jorinda and Joringel. Joringel travelled far but kept circling around the castle that held that which he longed for…maybe to remind himself to stay faithful to his higher ideals even as he needs to pass the time away and take care of sheep.

The next question then is…so where’s my sheep? 🐑


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