Introduction to Art Therapy

I attended an Introduction to Art Therapy talk last night. Although feeling a bit tired coming from work and due to lack of sleep, I managed to stay awake, listen and take note of what the speaker was saying. Yay!

The speaker was Iris Sullivan, an art therapist who studied under Lianne Collot. I remember her saying how she was in her early 20’s when she decided to pursue art therapy and only got to really living out that dream 14 years later. Still lots of time for me — yay again!

She taught us quite a lot of things and having very little background on the work of Steiner and on Waldorf education, it was hard to grasp everything she’s saying. At this moment, I’m still trying to make sense of what I learned from last night, re-writing my notes and talking to my sister and boyfriend about it. It’s just the first night anyway and the actual experience starts tomorrow. Hopefully, things will start getting clearer once we get deeper into the practice.

Some insights about today:

I liked the explanation about the meaning of the colors blue and red. Blue is for reflection, red is for taking action. Blue is for encapsulating ideas, red is for limitless discovering. Blue is for thinking, red is for moving, willing.

The way I understood it is what we want is to strike the balance between the two colors. To calm the restlessness of red, to wake up the sleepiness of blue. To spend some time moving and acting, then spend time reflecting and evaluating.

I do not know how to end this post since I’m really just writing down my scattered thoughts so that I accomplish my little goal of posting something each day. Time to sleep!


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