“How does one deal with distraction?,” asked one of the student participants.

The willingness to commit to disciplining oneself to avoid distraction seemed to be the obvious answer. Yet I chose to share a little more.

When you find yourself often distracted, ask yourself: “Why am I so easy to distract in the first place?”

We often use distractions as a means to escape the things we don’t like.

Other times, we turn to them because we’ve lost inspiration and the future begins to appear dull, without excitement. Because we forget the things that make life exciting. We get stuck in the worry-filled grown-up world where even the simplest matters are treated as complicated. We fail to allow ourselves to stay inspired… be inspired.

Do the things that make you happy. If possible, avoid doing the things that drain you of your energy. If they need to be done, make sure to counter the draining effect by multiplying the time you spend doing the things that you love.

Choose to live a happy life.
When you do things that make life worthwhile,
Distracting yourself won’t be necessary.


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