Rich and Successful

To be rich is to have money
A practical definition
It may be cause you were born with it
You are really just lucky and got it
You gambled for it with money or with personal resources
You worked hard for it
You had a dream and you stuck with it.

To be rich is to have fullness in flavor
A product of patiently waiting for broth to subside
A product of heat and chaos
A rewarding meal that leaves one satisfied

To be rich is not just about having money
Not just about having possessions to hide insecurities
But to have a full life
One that gives time for all things that matter
One that leaves you satisfied and truly happy

That way you do not get stuck with your thoughts on money
On how to earn it
How to add more to what you have
How to maintain it and constantly have a high balance

Measure your success not just by monetary worth
Money isn’t bad
But there’s more to a rich life than that.


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